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Rebates are per set (8 set minimum - no maximum). Retrofit or new construction

Save up to 40% on water costs.

Retrofitting your existing plastic Large Rotary Sprinkler heads with metal High Efficiency Nozzles could result in an annual water savings of up to 6.5 percent.

This is an ideal solution for large, open landscapes such as golf courses, parks, schools, race tracks, athletic fields and other large areas which require irrigation.

High Efficiency Nozzle retrofits for Large Rotary Sprinklers replace standard plastic nozzles with durable metal nozzles. These replacement nozzles are resistant to wear and provide high distribution uniformity of water distribution. Mostly used on golf courses and other open landscapes for long range and close up watering. High Efficiency Nozzle retrofits provide a healthier and greener turf with improved distribution and uniformity. These nozzles also save water, save energy and result in lower maintenance costs.

High Efficiency Nozzle retrofits offer superior distribution uniformity while reducing your watering time.

Other benefits include:

  • Healthier and greener turf
  • Water savings
  • Energy savings
  • Lower maintenance costs

High Efficiency Nozzles, Rotating Nozzles and Smart Irrigation Controllers work together to save water and keep your landscape green!

Rebates vary by water agency and are subject to change.

Metropolitan’s grant with USBR for high efficiency sprinkler nozzles started October 1st. Metropolitan’s current authorized incentive is $4/nozzle. The grant funding increases the funding available for outdoor water use efficiency through the regional program and local programs implemented by member agencies.

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