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Why should I consider removing turf from my landscape?

Turf grass is commonly used for home and business landscapes. But it is an expensive option consuming a large percentage of a property’s water use and requiring expensive maintenance. An example of this is two properties that are side-by-side in Santa Monica. One is a traditional turf landscape and the other was converted to a California Friendly™ landscape. Over the past nine years, the California Friendly™ landscape has used 83% less water and required 68% less maintenance than the traditional turf landscape. You can see the details of this experiment here.

Often times, turf is used in places where it is underutilized or not needed – for example in a side yard that is never used, parkways, street medians, around parking lots, and in business landscapes without pedestrians. Many customers find that they can replace some or all of the turf in their landscape without reducing their enjoyment of the property. In fact, California Friendly™ not only save water and money, but they can be a beautiful, unique, and interesting replacement for turf that increases your enjoyment of the neighborhood.

Visit Metropolitan Water District’s California Friendly Garden Guide for inspiration and tips.

What are the requirements to participate?

You must have grass to be eligible for the program and receive project start approval before removing your turf. Visit Turf Program for details.

Can I convert turf in my front yard at this time, and receive another incentive for turf removal in my backyard at another time?

No, incentives are limited to one application per property for any type of measure. If you receive a rebate for turf removal, you cannot apply for another rebate, even if you implement an additional turf removal project at a later date.

How long do I have to complete the project?

After receiving project start approval, you will have 120 days to complete your project and submit Part 2: Rebate Application.

What are the approved turf replacement options?

The replacement must not include turf or turf looking grasses, include drought tolerant plants, and be permeable to water and air. Examples of projects that are not permeable to water and air are concrete, home additions such as garages, and swimming pools.

In addition, each water agency may have additional requirements. Click the “estimate my rebate” button on the SoCalWaterSmart Home Page for details on your water agency’s requirements.

I own an apartment complex. Is my property residential or commercial?

Any property with 4 units or less should apply under the residential program. Any properties with 5 units or more qualify under the commercial program.

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