The SoCal Water$mart Rebate Program is not currently accepting enrollment applications for the Contractor Direct Rebate Program.

Enrolled contractors are not eligible to receive rebates for the installation of rain barrels or for participation in the Turf Replacement Program.

The SoCal Water$mart Program provides screened and approved contractors with the ability to receive rebate payments directly for installations of eligible products. It’s a quick and easy process:

  1. Meet the requirements Make sure your company meets the Contractor Direct Rebate Option requirements.
  2. Fill out the Enrollment Application Download, fill out, and return the application along with all required documentation to the program administrators.
  3. Multi-Unit Installations All projects installing indoor plumbing devices in a building with multiple units must submit either a Multi-Unit Tracking Sheet or Multi-Address Tracking Sheet with their final application. The Multi-Address Tracking Sheet is essential in capturing each installation address in a large commercial project that takes place within a single building or site. This process allows SoCal Water$mart to ensure that a rebate has not previously been issued to any of the addresses associated with the project. This spreadsheet can only be used when the number of individual addresses would require ten (10) or more applications, and can only be submitted under the SoCal Water$mart Commercial Rebate Program. In order to utilize this process, the applicant must create their initial reservation application first, listing the total number of items installed. The applicant will then purchase and install the items and return to the application portal to complete the rebate application. After this process is complete, the Multi-Address Tracking Sheet must be submitted electronically in the Excel format along with all other required documentation. Questions about this process may be directed to our customer service representatives at 888-376-3314.The Multi-Unit Tracking Sheet is used when the individual units or spaces of a building or site can be identified by unit numbers (such as A, B, C, D or 1, 2, 3, 4). This Tracking Sheet (and all additional pages of that sheet as needed) must be signed by the customer (or their agent) certifying their correctness prior to submission by the contractor for the rebate. Contractors submitting supporting documentation – including Multi-Unit Tracking Sheets, applications, invoices, etc – found to have inconsistent, conflicting or incorrect information may risk being suspended or dropped from participation in the Contractor Direct Payment Option. Please be sure to utilize our customer service representatives at 888-376-3314 to clarify and assist you with any application submissions that may fall outside of your typical process.
  4. Have Your Customers Sign the Release Form Contractors negotiate payment with your customer for a SoCal Water$mart qualifying project, deducting the SoCal Water$mart rebate amount from the customer’s total payment. Have them sign and return the form along with the required documentation.

Contractor Direct Rebate Option Requirements

Participating contractors must adhere to all of the following requirements:

  • Maintain either an active general contractor’s license or an active CSLB license covering the type of work required to install the qualified measures eligible for rebates through the SoCal Water$mart program. This license must reflect the name of the enrolling company or one of its acting principals. Enrolled contractors must be active in managing and performing work in this program. Contractors without direct ties to the work will not be allowed.
  • Provide proof that the enrolling company has been in business and has maintained an active CSLB license, as described above, for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Maintain active Commercial General Liability and California Statutory Workers’ Compensation Insurance.
  • Submit a completed and signed IRS Form W-9.
  • Have no unsolved customer complaints on file with Metropolitan Water District of Southern California or SoCal Water$mart, participating water utilities, or any other California public agency.
  • Submit at least four (4) eligible rebate applications as the installing contractor per program year to remain in the program.
  • Update company enrollment information annually. Enrolled contractors will be removed from the program should any company information included on the Contractor Direct Rebate Enrollment Application or on file be found incorrect or invalid.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Contractors participating in the Contractor Direct Rebate Option will be issued an IRS Form 1099 for total rebates and incentives received in excess of $600 in a calendar year, unless the company is exempt. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s (Metropolitan) or SoCal Water$mart’s participating water utilities are not responsible for any taxes imposed upon Contractor’s business as a result of receipt of rebates.
  2. All SoCal Water$mart applications are subject to inspection and verification, as well as all other program requirements as stated in the program’s terms and conditions. Metropolitan reserves the right to contact any residential or commercial customer regarding any application.
  3. By providing an application with an accompanying invoice for payment, the applicant is certifying that charges and other work described in the application is an accurate and correct record of services performed for reimbursement by The Metropolitan Water District’s SoCal Water$mart rebate program. Contractor may be required to reimburse Metropolitan for any payment received in excess of the verified rebate amount.
  4. In order to receive payment directly, the rebate application documentation must be accompanied by a signed Contractor Direct Rebate Option Customer Release Form acknowledging customer authorization to release their rebate payment to the contractor.
  5. Contractor acknowledges and agrees that participation in the Contractor Direct Rebate Option is at Metropolitan’s sole discretion. Metropolitan reserves the right in its sole discretion to deny companies enrollment or re-enrollment in the program.
  6. Metropolitan reserves the right to remove any Contractor from the Contractor Direct Rebate Option for reasonable cause, including, without limitation, provision of false information, failure to competently install devices under the Program, and determination of reasonable cause is within the sole discretion of Metropolitan. The Contractor Direct Rebate Option is subject to change and may end without advanced notice.
  7. Contractor agrees to act and represent its business as an independent contractor and at no time will Contractor or any of the Contractor’s employees represent its business as an employee, agent, partner or representative of Metropolitan or the SoCal Water$mart participating water utility. Contractor has no right or power to bind Metropolitan or act on its behalf when dealing with customers or third parties.
  8. Contractor understands that Metropolitan is not endorsing Contractor’s business, or warranting or endorsing any equipment that may be sold by the Contractor. Under no circumstances shall Metropolitan be liable to the Contractor for any direct or indirect losses, costs or damages arising from or related to any equipment or installation under the program.
  9. Contractor’s participation in the Contractor Direct Rebate Option, and provision of the rebate is voluntary and at the sole discretion and risk of the Contractor. The provision of work or services to the customer does not guarantee payment of a rebate to the contractor by Metropolitan, SoCal Water$mart, or any of the participating water utilities.
  10. Funds are limited and contractors may receive direct payments only for applications associated with confirmed reservations, which shall be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  11. The SoCal Water$mart program is subject to change and may end without advanced notice.
  12. All applications are required to be accurate in all manners related to the device type, quantity, location, and installation status. Failure of any application to meet these standards will trigger an investigation of the issues. If it is found that the Contractor was negligent in meeting the requirements or terms and conditions of the program, the Contractor will be removed from the Contractor Direct Rebate Option.
  13. Items must be installed and in working order prior to submission of the rebate paperwork.

Customer Release Form Process

  1. Contractor negotiates payment with their customer for a SoCal Water$mart qualifying project, deducting the SoCal Water$mart rebate amount from the customer’s total payment.
  2. Commercial device and/or equipment projects only: A rebate reservation request must be submitted online for the project.
  3. Contractor completes the project and the completed rebate application and supporting documentation are submitted along with a signed rebate payment customer release form, to SoCal Water$mart. Note: All release forms must contain an original customer signature. Digital signatures will not be allowed.
  4. Upon verification and approval of the rebate application, the SoCal Water$mart rebate check is made out and mailed directly to the Contractor.

Commercial and Residential Customers are eligible to participate in SoCal Water$mart if you are:

  • A current commercial/residential customer within Metropolitan’s service area AND;
  • Installing qualifying water-efficient products or equipment in a non-residential space with an active water account(s) for commercial customers, OR;
  • Installing qualifying water-efficient products or equipment in a residential dwelling used as the occupants’ primary residence AND;
  • Have not previously received a rebate from Metropolitan or other water agencies for the same device(s) or device type.

Property Managers are eligible to participate in SoCal Water$mart if:

  • The Property Owner meets the eligibility requirements for the applicable SoCal Water$mart Program AND;
  • You are acting on behalf of the Property Owner and can provide sufficient documentation to ensure that your firm has a current agreement with the Property Owner.