The Water Savings Incentive Program (WSIP) is designed for non-residential customers improving their water efficiency through upgraded equipment or services that do not qualify for standard rebates. WSIP is unique because it provides an incentive based on the amount of water customers save. This “pay-for-performance” design lets customers implement custom projects for their sites.

Any project that saves at least 10,000,000 gallons of water could qualify for WSIP funding. Examples of successful projects include:

  • Changing industrial process water system to capture, treat, and re-use wastewater.
  • Replacing water-using equipment with higher efficiency models in commercial facilities such as kitchens or laundries.
  • Upgrading existing irrigation systems or landscaping to improve water use efficiency for agricultural operations and large landscapes.
  • Contracting for water management services to improve landscape water efficiency.
  • Capturing condensation and using it to supplement cooling tower water supply for increased efficiency.

Overview of Eligibility

All non-residential customers within Metropolitan’s services area can apply for a WSIP incentive (projects in multi-family residential common areas may be eligible). Incentives are provided on a first-come first-serve basis until funding is exhausted.

To be approved for a WSIP incentive, projects must meet the following requirements:

  • Save at least 10,000,000 gallons of water over the total project lifespan (up to 10 years)
  • Cannot include new construction
  • Cannot be installed prior to application approval
  • Cannot save potable water by replacing it with another water source such as recycled or well water.
  • Customers should have at least three years of water use history to establish a baseline for water use before project implementation.
  • Project improvements should exceed locally-applicable water efficiency standards for the devices, products, or technologies being installed or implemented
  • For Equipment-type projects:
    • Operate at least 5 years
    • Save water for the lifespan of the equipment
  • For Water-service management type projects:
    • Include third party contractual services for at least one year

How to Apply

Applications for WSIP are submitted online through Customers should be prepared to provide basic information about their project including:

  • Project Description: Information about the property, current water-using equipment or services, and proposed new water-efficient equipment or services.
  • Timeline: Desired start date for project implementation and estimated time needed for implementation.
  • Water Savings: Estimated water savings per year and project lifespan.
  • Costs: Estimated cost of the project.

Customers with multiple projects (particularly at different sites/facilities) should submit a separate application for each project.

When to Apply

SoCal Water$mart encourages customers to apply at least 2 months before they plan to implement their projects to ensure adequate time for the application process.

Customers who do not anticipate starting their projects within the next 12 months should wait to apply. However, they can contact SoCal Water$mart at or (888) 645-3301 to discuss their project.

What to Expect

There are three phases for participation in the WSIP. The timeline for moving through these phases will depend on the customer’s specific project. Each customer will work with a SoCal Water$mart account manager who will help them through the process.

  1. Application phase:
    • Submit an online application with all required documentation
    • SoCal Water$mart will contact the customer to discuss their project’s water saving potential, timeline, costs, and any project-specific information. If the project is eligible a pre-inspection of the site will be scheduled.
    • Participate in an inspection with a SoCal Water$mart representative to verify the site’s current equipment or services.
    • Determine a timeline for the project installation. Funding for the project will be reserved for that timeframe.
  2. Implementation phase:
    • Implement the project within the agreed upon timeframe.
    • Login to to report that the project is completed and schedule a post-inspection of the property.
    • Participate in an inspection with a SoCal Water$mart representative to verify that the project has been implemented as agreed upon in the application phase.
    • Login to to submit the paid invoices for eligible project costs.
    • Receive an initial incentive (a portion of the total estimated incentive) from SoCal Water$mart based upon anticipated water savings.
  3. Monitoring phase:
    • Work with a SoCal Water$mart account manager to monitor the project’s water savings for 12 months.
    • SoCal Water$mart will analyze water usage information to determine the measured water savings.
    • Receive an incentive based on your measured water savings and eligible costs.