General Program FAQs – English – SoCal Water$mart
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current status of the program?

The SoCal Water$mart Commercial Rebate Program is currently available! The current program cycle began on July 1st and will end on June 30th.

How does the reservation system work?

  • Step 1: Make an online reservation, obtain a confirmation number, and print a copy for your record. Past participation eligibility will be reviewed. When no past participation is found, you will receive a notification via e-mail to proceed. Only then should you purchase the reserved devices.
  • Step 2: Purchase and install a qualified model before the expiration date.
  • Step 3: Complete an online application and submit required documentation. Package must be postmarked before the expiration date. You must include all required documentation listed on the checklist.

What are the eligibility criteria for me to get a rebate?

  • You must be a commercial, industrial, institutional water customer.
  • The service and installation address must be within Metropolitan’s service area.
  • A customer address previously rebated through the regional or local water agency program is not eligible to receive another rebate for the same type of device.
  • Installed product must be a qualifying device and model under Metropolitan’s list where applicable.
  • You must obtain a reservation number (confirmation) prior to purchase of a device.
  • You must complete installation of the device prior to submitting your rebate application packet.
  • You must comply with time requirements and submit your application online before the expiration due date.
  • Rebate payment is subject to remote and on-site verification. You must allow access to the property where the rebated device(s) is installed. Non-compliance with this requirement may result in the rebate being denied.

How many stations can a WBIC have and be eligible for the program?

Eligible WBIC are dependent on the amount of existing active stations. The number of stations should be calculated in 12 station increments. For example, if an existing controller will be replaced with a smart controller and the existing controller has 8 active stations, the new controller can be no more than a 12 station controller. If the existing controller has 14 active stations, the new controller can be no more than a 24 station controller.

Does Metropolitan have a list of landscape contractors or designers that they recommend that can help me with my turf replacement project?

A list of landscape contractors and designers that have been certified through Metropolitan’s Water Efficient Landscaper Dual Certification Program can be found here. These landscape professionals are EPA WaterSense certified Qualified Water Efficient Landscape Professionals and Certified Water Managers. This list is provided as a public resource and Metropolitan makes no guarantees or representations, and assumes no responsibility or liability, as to the quality of work performed by these contractors.

What is the $100,000 limit per water service address policy?

To achieve broad distribution of incentives through our service area, it’s the base incentive funding is limited to $100,000 per each water service address, per program year. Projects requesting base funding of over $100,000 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the availability of budget. If your project is going to exceed $100,000 in base funding, please contact a customer service representative to inquire about an exception. Actual rebates may exceed this limit where additional funding is made available by your retail water agency. While our system tracks reserved amounts for each site, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the correct reservation is made. Your reservation confirmation may be deemed invalid should the water service address be entered incorrectly.

What do you mean by water service address?

Water service address is the address listed on the water bill where the device(s) will be installed. The water service address is often the same as the water billing address, but may be different if the customer bill is sent to another address or P.O. Box for payment processing. A water service address may include multiple buildings, apartments, suites or units. If the location where you intend to install the device(s) is not separately metered by the water agency, the $100,000 limit is the collective total amount of rebates for you and all others sharing that same water service address. Rebates are processed on a first-come/first-served basis, so if other rebates have been previously processed for the same water service address, you will not be eligible for rebates exceeding the $100,000 limit per water service address.

Who is eligible to request reservations and receive rebates?

SoCal Water$mart is a rebate program for commercial, industrial, institutional water customers. Only water bill account holders within the service areas of the Metropolitan Water District and the Family of Southern California Water Agencies are allowed to make a reservation and receive rebates.

I am a contractor that installs water efficient equipment. Can the rebate check be mailed to me directly?

Yes! Our Contractor Direct Rebate Option allows for enrolled contractors to receive rebates directly. In order to enroll, please visit the Contractor Direct Rebate Option page to view and download the application. Once you have completed the application, you may submit it along with the required documentation for consideration. After your paperwork has been reviewed, you will be notified of the status of your application via email.

I live in a single-family detached home, who should I contact to obtain a rebate?

Customers who live in single family detached homes, duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes with four (4) or less units should visit the SoCal Water$mart Residential Program.

I am a property manager or owner. Are rebates available for devices that I plan to purchase for the common area in town homes, condominiums, and apartments?

Yes. Common areas are considered “commercial”.

Are funds held once I receive a reservation number?

Yes – provided all program terms and conditions are met. Reservations are given on a first-come, first-served basis, and are subject to availability of funds. Our system will confirm a reservation number and provide you with notification.

After making a reservation, how much time do I have to purchase and install a device?

A reservation expires 60 days from the reservation’s effective date. You must purchase, install, submit the online application, and mail your application packet POSTMARKED no later than the reservation expiration date.

What happens if I cannot complete the work by the expiration date? Can I get an extension?

Due to limited funding, extensions are permitted on a case-by-case basis. Approval is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. You must reserve only what you can complete within the 60-day time frame. The 60-day time frame allows for procurement and time to install the device(s). For large projects, you should only make reservations for what you can procure and install within the 60-day time frame.

Can I reserve multiple devices or multiple addresses in a single reservation?

Multiple device rebates may be reserved on a single application, however the rebate application for each device must be submitted at the same time. In addition, once you have submitted an application for a particular device or measure type, you will not be able to submit another application for that same type.

Multiple addresses are not allowed under a single reservation. For properties with multiple addresses on a single meter, the applicant should create separate reservations for each installation address.

How many reservations can I make?

There is no limit on number of reservations you can make, but there is a reservation limit of $100,000 of base funds per water service address per program year. Projects requesting base funding of over $100,000 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the availability of budget. If your project is going to exceed $100,000 in base funding, please contact a customer service representative to inquire about an exception.

I already purchased a qualifying device before learning about the program. Can I obtain a reservation and get a rebate for it?

No. Rebates are available only for devices purchased after obtaining a reservation.

Can I download a rebate application from your website?

No. The reservation and rebate applications are submitted online. If you need assistance with the application forms, please call the Customer Support line at 1 (888) 376-3314.

Can I submit a rebate application without making a reservation?

No. A reservation number is required before you purchase a water-efficient technology in order to qualify for a rebate. Any rebate application received with no corresponding reservation number will be rejected.

Can I submit my rebate application even if I have not yet installed the device?

No. A qualifying device must be installed prior to submitting your rebate application. You will be required to indicate the “installation date” on the application. Metropolitan reserves the right to verify its accuracy during processing of the rebate application and the right to make remote and/or onsite verifications. Access to the property for this limited purpose must be allowed.

Can I email or fax in my rebate application?

No. The rebate application must be filled out online. The receipt, water bill and any other documentation may be faxed or emailed.

I received a letter requesting that I complete my rebate application or my application will be cancelled. I already submitted the entire packet. Will I still get my rebate?

Due to limited funding, the processing center cannot hold non-compliant rebate applications for extended periods of time. The rebate processing center will attempt to contact you if there is any discrepancy or verification needed in your application materials. You must immediately contact the rebate processing center to help resolve the issue(s). The letter sent requesting information will have a due date. If missing information is not received by the letter’s due date your application will be cancelled.

I received a call that my property will be inspected. I already submitted all the necessary documents and I have no time for an inspection. Can I submit a written certification to respond?

The program requires a random remote or on-site verification prior to payment of rebates. Any sites selected for remote verification must be responded to in a timely manner so we may issue the rebate check. Any sites selected for on-site verification must allow access to the property at an agreed-upon, schedule time. Non-compliance with this verification requirement may delay the issuance of a rebate check or may result in a rebate application being denied.

How do I know whether there have been previous program installations at my property?

If you cannot find a record of a previous rebate or incentive or are unable to determine if you already have an existing high-efficiency device installed, you may contact our Customer Support line at 1-888-376-3314 for assistance.

How much is my rebate?

SoCal Water$mart rebates are funded by the Metropolitan Water District and participating local water agencies. Metropolitan’s base rebate is limited to the actual cost of the device, not to exceed the maximum rebate per device listed on the SoCal Water$mart website. Unless specifically noted, actual device costs exclude tax, shipping, labor, and other charges. Additional rebates from local water agencies, if available in your area, may vary from actual costs to a flat amount depending on the device. Your actual rebate may vary depending on the actual cost of the device(s) purchased. For details on rebate amounts in your area, please visit the Estimate Your Rebate page. Rebate amounts are subject to change without notice.

Can my rebate check be less than the estimated rebate amount that I received with my reservation confirmation?

Yes, if the actual cost of the device is less than the estimated rebate amount. The rebate amount for each device is established at the beginning of the program year taking into account the average cost of the devices in the preceding year. As water saving technology improves and devices become more readily available, the actual cost of the device can decrease rapidly. Metropolitan and many of its member agencies limit rebates to the actual cost of the device. When a reservation is made, the actual cost of the device is not known, so the estimated rebate amount calculation assumes that the actual cost of the device will be more than the rebate amount, which is true in most cases. However, once the application package and the invoice are received by the program, the rebate amount is recalculated using the customer’s actual cost for the device. If the customer’s actual cost for the device is less than the rebate amount, the rebate may be less than the estimated rebate amount provided during the reservation process.

Am I required to pull a plumbing permit when installing toilets, urinals?

Please refer to your local ordinances regarding the permit requirements for installation. Customers of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power must submit a copy of the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) Plumbing Permit along with their rebate application in order to be considered eligible for the SoCal Water$mart rebate.

These permits must be finalized prior to submission, and must include specific language in the description. In order to verify the installation indicated on the rebate application, the LADBS Plumbing Permit must include one or both of the following messages in the description of work:

“LADWP Toilet Program: Replace (Quantity) 1.6gpf with 1.1gpf toilets.” OR
“LADWP Toilet Program: Replace (Quantity) 1.5gpf with 0.125gpf urinals.”