Retrofit Your Existing Vacuum Pump and Realize Lower Water Expenses!

Rebate per 0.5 HP (Maximum of 2 HP) Retrofit or New Construction

Vacuum pumps are used in many businesses, including dental and medical practices, petrochemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as food and medical applications for drying, distilling, evaporating, degasifying, freezing, suction, and laboratory analysis.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps use large quantities of water as a liquid seal to create the vacuum. Dry vacuum pumps are capable of creating an airtight seal without using water as a sealant by utilizing parts machined within extremely close tolerances.

Dry Vacuum Pumps have many benefits including:

  • For medical and dental vacuum pump systems, choose dry vacuum systems to eliminate water use and save energy. This also eliminates the need for the installation and annual inspection of reduced pressure zone backflow preventers.
  • Eliminate venturi aspirator vacuum systems by using mechanical dry vacuum equipment.

Rebates vary by water agency and are subject to change.

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