Retrofitting your existing Pop-Up Spray heads with Rotating Nozzles Heads can save up to 6,600 gallons per nozzle over a five-year period.

This is an ideal solution for parks, schools, office complexes, golf courses, nurseries and other commercial irrigation applications.

The multi-trajectory, rotating streams of the Rotating Nozzles apply water more slowly and uniformly than conventional sprays and rotors – especially after arc and radius adjustment. Independent water audits have documented water savings of 20% or more when conventional sprinklers are replaced with Rotating Nozzles. Additional water-saving advantages include better wind resistance, less misting and virtually no runoff. Eligible rebate applications must contain a minimum of 30 rotating nozzles

Water-conserving Rotating Nozzles offer the following features:

  • Low precipitation rate to reduce runoff
  • Effective pattern options or pattern adjustment to reduce overspray
  • Matched precipitation rate among arcs and radius options
  • High uniformity of water application
  • Resistance to the negative effects of wind
  • Functional reliability

Rotating Nozzles and Smart Irrigation Controllers work together to save water and keep your landscape green! The rebate amount cannot exceed the price of the new device. Rebates vary by water agency and are subject to change.

Metropolitan’s grant with US Bureau of Reclamation for high efficiency sprinkler nozzles started October 1st, 2013. Metropolitan’s current authorized incentive is $2/nozzle. The grant funding increases the funding available for outdoor water use efficiency through the regional program and local programs implemented by member agencies.