Rebates Are per Station Based on Station Capacity

Weather Based “Smart” Irrigation Controllers – $35 per station – Eligible WBIC can have a maximum of 11 inactive stations per controller

Weather Based “Smart” Controllers for irrigation work on a simple principle: provide the appropriate watering schedule, adjust for weather changes and irrigate based on the needs of the landscape and soil conditions. A smart controller will automatically reduce the watering times as the weather gets cooler and less water is needed. Then as the weather begins to warm up, the controller will add more watering time. The way this typically works is that you set the controller for a default maximum watering time, based on the hottest time of year. Then the controller reduces that time amount by a percentage value when less water is needed.

There are a variety of weather-based “smart” controllers available for commercial applications. Whether it is real-time on-site weather data, off-site data with internet access, historical weather data or on-site monitoring, the new “smart” controllers leave little room for error.

Only weather based irrigation controllers that are EPA WaterSense certified qualify for SoCal Water$mart rebates. For more information about EPA WaterSense certified weather based irrigation controllers, visit:

Central Computer Irrigation Controller Systems

Eligible CCIC can have a maximum of 11 inactive stations per controller.

These sophisticated systems are designed for larger irrigated areas such as golf courses, parks, schools and large commercial complexes. These systems consist of a master controller (often a computer) which tells the valves at remote locations to open and close. In most cases the central controller is used to program separate satellite controllers that are closer to the valves.

Most of these units do a lot more – they monitor water flows to detect leaks, can tell if a valve is broken, adjust watering times based on the current weather, and control many other additional irrigation components. With smart central computer irrigation controller systems installed on your commercial property, you will be able to avoid over-watering and excessive run-off by scheduling the amount of irrigation based on the type of landscape and current weather conditions. You can protect your landscape investment and improve the health and look of your landscape.

Statistics show that as much as 50% of commercial water is used for irrigation. With many cases of over-irrigation, excessive run-off and poor landscape planning, water agencies are tapping common sense and technology to improve water conservation efforts and enhance the health and beauty of our landscapes.

NOTE: Purchase of a new irrigation controller using weather-based information (either from a suite of sensors, on-site weather station, or remote data source) to modify irrigation schedule will qualify for rebates. Please refer to the qualified device list for specific models. When upgrading existing irrigation controllers to a computerized central system, rebates are contingent upon installation of qualified technologies enabling the centralized communication system and the ability of the controller to use weather-based information. Eligible improvements may include software, communication devices, weather stations, enclosures, master valves, flow sensors and flow meters

Rebates vary by water agency and are subject to change.

Hose Bib Irrigation Controller

Smart Hose Bib Irrigation Controllers can upgrade your hose to an advanced system of water management. Similar to the Weather Based Irrigation Controllers (WBIC), eligible Smart Hose Bib Irrigation Controllers offer users the ability to set watering schedules while accounting for changing weather conditions. Using weather data to determine when to water will help to ensure that no water is wasted while keeping your plants healthy. Compared to the WBIC, Hose Bibs offer a more versatile solution that connects directly between your faucet and hose, providing both ease of use and installation.