What is an Integrated Water Factor/Water Factor?

An Integrated Water Factor/Water Factor indicates the number of gallons of water used for each cubic foot of laundry. A lower number indicates a more water-efficient clothes washer.

Which clothes washer models qualify for SoCal Water$mart rebates?

Clothes washers must meet or exceed the CEE Tier 1 standard.

Is there a limit on how many rebates I can receive?

Water agency rebates for High Efficiency Clothes Washers are limited to a single rebate per installation address for qualifying products.

Where can I buy a qualified clothes washer?

You can find qualifying high-efficiency clothes washers at most major retailer and home appliance showroom locations throughout Southern California.

Qualifying products purchased online through a third party website (eBay, Amazon, etc.) and installed at a residence within a participating water district are eligible for rebate funds provided that the product purchased can be verified as new and in its original packaging at time of purchase. Applications concerning a product purchased on a third-party website must be submitted with a receipt or confirmation identifying the item as new.

How much does a high-efficiency clothes washer save?

Qualifying washers use 55% less water than standard clothes washers, reducing water use by over 11,000 gallons a year.

Are there other benefits to purchasing a water-efficient clothes washer?

Yes! Tests have shown that high-efficiency clothes washers last longer. Most water-efficient models are also energy-efficient, and use less energy to heat water for warm water loads. This in turn could lower your energy bill too! To make the most of your water savings with a high-efficiency clothes washer, here are some additional tips:

  • Run only full loads of clothing;
  • When it is necessary to run smaller loads, match the water level with the load size.
  • Replace leaking or cracked valves and hoses immediately.
  • Perform preventative maintenance to avoid a breakdown, and/or a costly flood in your home.