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Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles
Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles FAQs

How do rotating sprinkler nozzles save water?

Rotating sprinkler nozzles use up to 20% less water than a standard sprinkler head by distributing water more slowly and uniformly to the landscape, while preserving plant health. In addition to reducing water use, water directed from these nozzles is less likely to mist, resists misdirection resulting from strong winds, and significantly reduces run-off onto streets and sidewalks with a more directed flow.

Which rotating sprinkler nozzles qualify?

All rotating sprinkler nozzles currently on the market qualify for rebates.

Where can I buy rotating sprinkler nozzles?

You can buy rotating sprinkler nozzles from your landscape contractor, location irrigation supply store, or directly from the manufacturer. Some models are also offered at do-it-yourself retail locations.

Will qualified nozzles fit on my existing spray heads?

Not all pop-up spray head bodies are compatible with rotating sprinkler nozzles. Check with the nozzle manufacturer to find out if your current system is compatible with the model you are considering.

Why do I have to change my watering schedule when I install rotating sprinkler nozzles?

Rotating sprinkler nozzles apply water at a slower, more even rate than standard sprinkler heads in order to allow water and nutrients to penetrate the soil and help you maintain a healthy landscape without runoff. After installing, you will need to adjust your irrigation schedule to allow the water to absorb thoroughly. While you may need to run your irrigation system for longer times, the application rate is slower, so that less water is used and all the water sprayed is applied to your landscape — not evaporating or running into the street. Be sure to take time to read the user’s manual and set your watering schedule for the appropriate precipitation rate as indicated.

Can I receive a rebate for more than one rotating sprinkler nozzle?

You may only claim rebates one time for nozzles; you will have to wait until all rotating nozzles have been installed before submitting your rebate form in order to receive the full rebate amount. As well, be sure to include the original sales receipt in your submission that details the quantity purchased. The minimum quantity of rotating nozzles required for eligible rebate applications must be at least 30.

Are pressure regulating devices still required for my rebate application to be eligible?

No, as of June 1, 2010, matching pressure regulating devices are no longer required for valid rebate applications.

Can I install these products myself?

Yes. However, we suggest consulting a C-27 licensed landscape contractor to ensure product compatibility and proper installation.

Where can I purchase these products?

Please refer to the program’s retailer list located under the rotating nozzle product page for supplier locations.

Do I submit the application when I purchase the products or after installation is complete?

All documentation must be submitted after the installation is complete. All installations are subject to on-site verification.

My contractor purchased the products; do I submit the receipt or the invoice?

Please submit your invoice from your contractor. Be sure the invoice includes the installation address, as well as model numbers and quantities of qualifying products installed.