What is a premium high-efficiency toilet?

A premium high-efficiency toilet is a toilet that uses less water than what used to be considered a water-saving toilet. These toilets flush at a rate of 1.1 gallons per flush(gpf) or less.

Is there a limit on how many rebates I can receive?

If a customer has ever received a water agency rebate for the same type of device, the customer is not eligible to receive another rebate. If you plan to replace more than one toilet, you will need to apply for them on one application as you will not be able to submit another toilet application in the future.

Which models qualify for SoCal Water$mart Rebates?

Only premium high-efficiency toilet models shown on the SoCal Water$mart Qualifying Products List will be eligible for rebates.

Where can I buy premium high-efficiency toilets?

You can find qualifying premium high-efficiency toilets at most major retailer and home plumbing/bath showroom locations throughout Southern California.

Qualifying products purchased online through a third party website (eBay, Amazon, etc.) and installed at a residence within a participating water district are eligible for rebate funds provided that the product purchased can be verified as new and in its original packaging at time of purchase. Applications concerning a product purchased on a third-party website must be submitted with a receipt or confirmation identifying the item as new.

Since you have to flush two times, do premium high-efficiency toilets end up using more water?

While this may have been the case for first generation toilets right after plumbing standards changed in 1994, significant changes in technology and product design since then have dramatically improved flushing performance.

What features should I evaluate when selecting a premium high-efficiency toilet?

Look at more than just the number of gallons of water per flush to best match the right model with your needs. Also consider:

  • Waste removal performance (a.k.a.- “flush volume”) — The more grams of waste removed as indicated by the MaP score, the stronger the flush (see below to learn more about MaP).
  • Bowl type — Round vs. elongated.
  • Seat height — Many models now comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act “comfort height” of 17 – 19 inches.
  • Type of toilet fixture — Pressure, power-assisted or gravity-fed flush. This may affect the level of noise it makes when flushed.

From a practical perspective, you may also want to consider tank size to determine how the model will fit in your bathroom, and also whether the new toilet wil require any touch-up paint (if you’re buying a smaller tank size).

Should I select the toilet with the highest rated flush volume?

In order to properly perform, a toilet should be able to reliably flush at least 250 grams of solid waste and 24 sheets of toilet paper. The most widely accepted assessment for flush volume is the Maximum Performance (MaP) test that measures volumes up to 1,000 grams. Generally speaking, though, any high-efficiency toilet with a flush volume above 500 grams will perform very well.