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Enhanced Upfront Incentives

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To encourage agencies that have not already installed water-efficient landscape equipment to do so, SoCal Water$mart has unveiled the Public Agency Landscape (PAL) program, offering enhanced incentives paid up-front for public agencies to install water-efficient landscape devices at their facilities and on their grounds.

Three Easy Steps

  1. Obtain a quote for your project including a list of all items (be sure to list makes, models, and quantities).
  2. Submit your incentive application to SoCal Water$mart via the link below, and be sure to choose “Public Agency Landscape” for the Facility Type in the application. Upon approval, you will receive a check from SoCal Water$mart to purchase your devices.
  3. Purchase and install your devices, and send copies of the final invoices to SoCal Water$mart.

Incentive Amounts

Incentive Amounts
Weather-Based or Central Computer
Irrigation Controller
$35 per station $55 per station
Soil Moisture Sensor Systems
Connected to an irrigation controller
$35 per station $55 per station
Large Rotary Nozzles
Minimum 8 sets
$13 per set $13 per set
Rotating Nozzles for pop-up spray heads
Minimum 30 per application
$2 each $3 each

Public agencies can also receive no-cost landscape irrigation audits.

Submit Your Application Here

*When applying for your PAL incentive, be sure to select Public Agency Landscape from the Facility Type drop down menu.

Public Agency Landscape Program Terms and Conditions

  1. Applications (inventory of devices) for the Public Agency Landscape (PAL) program must be submitted to SoCal Water$mart and approved prior to the purchase and installation of your device(s).
  2. Installations must be completed within 120 days from the issuance of the incentive. When installations are performed in phases, SoCalWater$mart’s payments would be paid out in stages. Phased installations require separate applications. If work is not completed within 120 days partnering public agency will be invoiced for the upfront funds provided and payment must be received within 30 days.
  3. Applications must be signed by the Director of Public Works, or an individual with an equivalent position approved by SoCal Water$mart. Applications must include a business card for individual signing the application. Applications must provide two (2) separate contacts. Vendors cannot be provided as contacts.
  4. Participation in the Public Agency Landscape program is limited to public agencies on a first come, first served basis while funding is available. The public agency must be within the Metropolitan Water District’s (Metropolitan) service area and must be approved by Metropolitan and its respective member agency.
  5. Upon approval of the incentive application, up-front financial assistance is provided to the partnering public agency to purchase PAL Program approved water efficient devices.
  6. Central Computer Irrigation Controllers (CCICs) must include functioning technology for automatic shutoff of broken heads, valves or pipes.
  7. The partnering public agency is responsible for procurement of devices, installation, installation costs, and maintenance of devices.
  8. The partnering public agency cannot receive additional rebates from the SoCal Water$mart rebate program for the same device that is being funded through the PAL program.
  9. A service address previously rebated through Metropolitan’s regional or its water agency programs is not eligible to receive up-front incentives or another rebate for the same type of device.
  10. A limit of $100,000 of Metropolitan’s funding applies per service address for every program year.
  11. After completion of the installation, the partnering public agency will be required to submit sales receipts as proof of purchase. Receipts must include quantity, make and model of the device(s) installed. Reconciliation between the incentives funded, actual procurement, and proof of installation will take place. The partnering public agency will refund to Metropolitan any unspent funds within 30 days.
  12. All devices for which an incentive is issued are subject to an on-site installation verification inspection. If device installation cannot be verified, the partnering public agency will reimburse the program for the funds received including all associated processing costs. Access to the funded device(s) must be provided.
  13. Facilities using recycled water may not qualify. Call 1-888-376-3314 to confirm eligibility prior to application submittal.
  14. The partnering public agency’s Tax information and/or Tax ID number must be provided in order to receive these incentives. This is in compliance with exemptions to the Federal Privacy Act of 1974, 42 UCS 405 (c)(2)(c). The Internal Revenue Service requires incentive or rebate program participants receiving $600 or more in rebates to receive an IRS Form 1099 unless exemptions apply.
  15. Incentives or rebates are issued once per lifetime of the property for each eligible area. Sites may be subject to pre-inspection prior to issuance of rebate.
  16. Neither Metropolitan nor your local water utility or Retail Water Purveyor, or their contractors or agents, makes any representation or warranty regarding the devices eligible for rebates or incentives under this program. By participating in the PAL program, the applicant agrees to waive and release Metropolitan, the Local Water Utility or Retail Water Purveyor, and their contractors or agents, from any and all claims and causes of action arising out of the purchase, installation or use of the devices purchased in connection with the Rebate program. Any claim you may have based upon any defect or failure of performance of a device purchased by you should be pursued with the manufacturer or distributor.