How Do I Apply

Apply for Your Turf Removal Rebate in Two Parts

Part 1: Project Start Approval

  • Before you begin your project or remove any turf, you must apply for and receive a reservation.
  • The reservation will specify the estimated rebate amount based on the footage and information provided. Note: It is important that you measure your project area(s) accurately. Once your project start has been approved, your rebate amount cannot be increased from the amount reserved.
  • Visit the SoCal Water$mart Turf Rebate Application to apply for your project start approval online.
  • Set up an account with a valid email address and password. The account will allow you to log back in after your project is complete to claim your reserved funding (see part 2 details below). You will need the following to reserve your funding:
    • At least 5 color photos of the areas where you plan to remove turf. Areas must be grass to qualify for a rebate. Additional photos may be necessary to clearly show all proposed areas.
    • Submitted at least one photo of each area you plan to remove turf.
    • Read the Turf Removal FAQ Page to see what type of photos are required.
    • A photo or scanned copy of your recent water bill.
  • Do not begin your work until you receive an email approval to start your project. This may take approximately two weeks.
  • Once you receive approval, you have 120 days to complete your project.
  • After completing your project, you are ready to request your rebate.

Part 2: Rebate Application

  • When your project is complete, visit the turf removal application to request your rebate by completing “Step 2: Rebate Application”.
  • Log in as a “Returning Turf Applicant” using your original email and password.
  • Submit the required information along with:
    • At least 5 color photos of your completed project area.
    • At least one photo of each area where you removed turf.
    • Having read the Turf Removal FAQ Page to see what types of photos are required.
    • A photo or scanned copy of your synthetic turf receipt if your project includes synthetic turf.
  • Your rebate application will be reviewed and you will receive an email with the results. This can take up to 7 weeks if the local water agency is verifying compliance with local requirements.
  • If approved, you will receive your rebate in up to 10 weeks from the approval date.
Visit the Turf Program FAQs Page for Additional Information



Click below to verify eligibility and identify the current rebate amounts for your new water saving device(s) or measure(s). Rebate amounts may vary by water agency and are based on the availability of funding.

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Complete and submit your application online. Rebates are available region-wide.

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